Simplified Hotel Management System Suite

Following the tradition of Simplified, Quality, No-nonsense Business Solutions Development, Prime Software offers an integrated Hotel Management System suite using the tried and tested Prime Software approach of “Master Data - Transaction - Reports“ implementation methodology.

  • Nationalities, Market Sources and Segments
  • Room Classifications, Numbers and Rates
  • Charges and Charge Classifications
  • Discounts and Discount Classifications
  • Room Reservations and Registrations(Check-in)
  • Guest Arrivals and Departures Monitoring
  • Guest Folio Management and Monitoring
  • Room Availability and Status Overviews
  • Charges, Folio Transactions and Guest Information Overviews
  • Night Audit Procedures with Audited Reports
  • Fully Integrated with Prime Financial management and the inventory features of Prime Sales and Inventory Management.
  • Optional Banquet Functions Management
  • Optional Integration of Prime Point-Of-Sale for Hotel Restaurant Outlets
  • Charges, Folio Transactions and Guest Information Overviews
  • and many more...

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Core Modules

Financial Management

Sales, Purchasing and Inventory Management



Retail, Trading and Distribution

Hotel and Resort Operations

Real Estate Construction and Marketing

Shipping, Logistics and Transportation

Micro Financing and Installment Receivables

Manufacturing Operations

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops and Spas

Human Resources

Comprehensive Payroll

Time and Attendance

Managed Services

Prime Software Managed Cloud Servers

Full Software-As-A-Service Implementations for OPEX Oriented Organizations