ERP Systems for the Philippines - Practical, Reliable, Integrated and Maintainable Enterprise Resource Planning Systems to take your business to the next level.

Prime Software is a simplified yet fully integrated Enterprise Resource Planning system that caters to the needs of small, medium, and even large enterprises. Our industry specific suites are suited for organizations that require a high degree of functionality, scale-ability and integration.

Prime Software ERP Systems have a successful track record of implementations across a wide array of businesses in the Philippines and adheres to industry specific best practices and standards. We can also customize it further according to customer specifications.

Together with hands-on user training and our fast tracked implementation methodology, Prime Software will "PRIME UP" your enterprise today.

Our current technology is "Robust Secured Work Anywhere, over 10 years stressed tested on Azure/AWS Cloud via low bandwidth internet, 3-tier Web Services using REST HTTPS://JSON protocol. Hundreds of Companies in the Philippines continue to actively use PRIME SOFTWARE SIMPLIFIED ERP. From Pandemic year 2020 until now, our Customers were able to transition to Work From Home (WFH) state at ZERO additional cost and NO Remote Control middle ware software needed. Yes, the Filipino can!

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Core Modules

Financial Management

Sales, Purchasing and Inventory Management



Retail, Trading and Distribution

Hotel and Resort Operations

Real Estate Construction and Marketing

Shipping, Logistics and Transportation

Micro Financing and Installment Receivables

Manufacturing Operations

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops and Spas

Human Resources

Comprehensive Payroll

Time and Attendance

Managed Services

Prime Software Managed Cloud Servers

Full Software-As-A-Service Implementations for OPEX Oriented Organizations