Company Profile

The founder, with an Industrial Engineering degree, was a PC Computing hobbyist, Database Programmer, and an Accounting Systems enthusiast for 5 years in the US. He came home for good and started out as a Cebu-based IT consultancy firm known then as Primary Systems Reengineering (PSR) mainly doing Computer Management Consultancy Services to selected businesses in Metro Cebu areas. By 1994, its activities focused on developing LAN-oriented, Multi-User, "Customised Integrated Accounting" Software to various businesses who wish to computerise their operations.

By 1996, its software product slowly evolved to a full scale Enterprise Resource Planning Application catering to businesses from varied Industry Types. The trademark PRIME SOFTWARE was issued on November 19,1999 by the Philippine Intellectual Property Office(IPO). By this time, the Company had already successfully implemented a considerable number of Software Projects, a testament to its continuous commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction.

In 2006, a major software rewrite was undertaken, future enabling our platform to meet the demands of an ever growing number of Internet-influenced businesses. Our flagship product Prime Software 2006i series was launched and was continually improved upon. The 2010i/2015i versions with better performance and enhanced features followed.

Now in 2022, after 2 years of Covid-19 Pandemic lock downs and fluctuating level warnings, Hundreds of Customers from Zamboanga to Isabela continue to Run their business information bloodline Securely from Anywhere, Anytime, and Cost-effectively. We, with our younger new generation development team, are truly happy for them.

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Core Modules

Financial Management

Sales, Purchasing and Inventory Management



Retail, Trading and Distribution

Hotel and Resort Operations

Real Estate Construction and Marketing

Shipping, Logistics and Transportation

Micro Financing and Installment Receivables

Manufacturing Operations

Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops and Spas

Human Resources

Comprehensive Payroll

Time and Attendance

Managed Services

Prime Software Managed Cloud Servers

Full Software-As-A-Service Implementations for OPEX Oriented Organizations