Production procedures are simplified and optimized for ease of use. From assembled items recipe maintenance, cost price calculations, and other easy steps to follow will put you in better control of your production flow. All production related information can be viewed in real-time. Prime Software simply makes your manufacturing procedures easier and more manageable. Since there are always differences in manufacturing approaches and procedures for each company whether product or process type, we customize specialized procedures for you. 

  • Assembled Items Recipe maintenance
  • Optional labor sub-recipe maintenance
  • Assembled Items Costing Calculations
  • Optional labor sub-recipe costing calculations
  • Optional labor subcontracting procedures
  • Optional subcontracting job orders/JO receipts
  • Optional subcontracting payroll procedures
  • Sales Orders-Recipe-Production Picklist generation
  • Purchase Advice Procedures
  • Linked Start Production Procedures(Work-In-Process)
  • Work-in-Process stock status overviews
  • Optional labor sub-recipe/subcon status overviews
  • Linked Finish Production procedures
  • Readily linkable accounting Journalization procedures for production transactions (Integrated with Prime Financials)
  • And other client-defined Manufacturing Procedures.