Prime Software Benefits


  • Maximized Use of IT Assets
    You will be able to migrate from your existing manual or semi-manual methods to a “fully computerized” workflow and therefore maximize the use of your existing IT hardware/ Software/ Human capital investments. 
  • Reduction and Streamlining of Work
    Due to the large reduction of bookkeeping activity, Accounting staff can focus more on monitoring automated entries generated by front office transactions and the creation of the occasional adjusting entries.  Front office transactions is immediately forwarded and translated into bookkeeping and inventory related transactions if applicable.  
  • Savings on Time and Money
    Staff workload is reduced significantly eliminating almost all “after journal entry” work while vouchers/forms /financial overviews and reports are generated in real time. This lessens the need for more personnel to encode and manage business information.  Savings on time and personnel related expenses.
  • Real Time Financial Information
    When done daily, properly and with quality workmanship, almost any valuable “updated” financial data can be accessed from the system anytime.  Data analysis and decision making based on current data is now added to the management's weaponry of tools to proactively monitor and control the daily activities and properly project growth and business direction.
  • Less Paperwork and Pencil Pushing 
    Vouchers, Aging, Billings, Invoices, Financials and other printable forms are available on the fly. Almost all computational pencil pushing activities are eliminated. The pen’s work is reduced to signing or audit marking printouts.
  • Faster and Easier to do Pre and Post Audit Work
    The standardized workflow and the various generated reports makes it easy and fast to do audit work. The auditors do not spend much time as they used to in manual/semi-computerized operations.
  • More Quality Time for Core Competencies
    Because Management does not have to wait,  spend time and many steps to decipher, collate, and understand “delayed” internal business information anymore, more time can be allocated to customer or business growth-related activities, and the like.

The Prime Software Platform


Prime Software 2010i series is the latest evolution of our Software Platform. It has all the base features of the hugely successful 2006i series plus additional optimizations and improvements. Improved Data handling and reporting capabilites were added to provide additional stability and reliability especially over wide area implementations over the internet. 


  • N-Tier Technology
  • Bandwidth optimized network communication for real-time low bandwidth environments and implementations (Ex. Provincial branches of an organization with dial-up / low bandwidth connections).
  • ”Query on Demand” Flexible and Powerful Search capabilities throughout the application.
  • Search data using field combinations and operations with priority(contains, equals to, starts with, etc.).
  • Flexible field-based "Query on Demand"reporting system
  • Simplified User Controlled Static Report Customization Engine
  • Shown fields can be printed / displayed from query criteria.
  • Fields can be selected /deselected according to the user’s report preferences.
  • Fields can be sorted, grouped and summed
  • Fields are auto adjusting/fitting
  • Layout as tabular or cross-tabular
  • Save Report Format templates for future reuse
  • Export to various formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML or Text.
  • Back end independent - Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, DB2 and MSSQL
  • Standardized, Simplified, Multi-Tasking and Consistent user interface
  • In-depth User Rights Management
  • System Audit-trail of data
  • Full Touch-Screen capability
  • Import/Export Master Data with Field-mapping specification from/to formats such as CSV, Excel