Simplified Hotel Management System Suite

Following the tradition of Simplified, Quality, No-nonsense Business Solutions Development, Prime Software offers an integrated Hotel Management System suite using the tried and tested Prime Software approach of “Master Data - Transaction - Reports“ implementation methodology. Listed below are a partial list of Hotel Management features of the suite.

  • Nationalities, Market Sources and Segments
  • Room Classifications, Numbers and Rates
  • Charges and Charge Classifications
  • Discounts and Discount Classifications
  • Room Reservations and Registrations(Check-in)
  • Guest Arrivals and Departures Monitoring
  • Guest Folio Management and Monitoring
  • Room Availability and Status Overviews
  • Charges, Folio Transactions and Guest Information Overviews
  • Night Audit Procedures with Audited Reports
  • Fully Integrated with Prime Financial management and the inventory features of Prime Sales and Inventory Management.
  • Optional Banquet Functions Management
  • Optional Integration of Prime Point-Of-Sale for Hotel Restaurant Outlets
  • and many more...